Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm going to give him crabs... >8)


Made these while I was at work. xD I thought they'd be kinda funny to give to my bf and be all "Hey, hun? I'm sorry, but I've got crabs. ;___;"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Order Forms

::Scarf Details::

Name: (this will be the name I'll use to mail to)


Paypal: (so I know where the money's coming from)

Color(s) desired:

Type: (wide striped/thin striped/solid)

Length/Width desired: (please note that if you'd like it longer than 5.5 feet and wider than 5 inches, there's an additional charge for extra materials.)

Detail(s): (Please be as specific as possible. Reference images work best but are not necessary.)

Deadline: (leave blank if no deadline)


::Poring Details::

Name: (this will be the name I'll use to mail to)


Paypal: (so I know where the money's coming from)

Size desired:

Type: (striped/solid)

Color(s) desired:

Deadline: (leave blank if no deadline)


Just some order forms that you guys can fill out and email to me. Please bear with me as I gather all the forms onto one page. This will be updated as often as I can get to it.

My email is:

Please label your emails so I know it is not junk mail.

Also, please refer to this link for the colors I use:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

[Prototype] Miniature Top Hats

Made a couple prototypes so I can test various stiffening methods. If it works out well, then I can start selling them on Etsy! :D So expect these uber cute mini top hats being sold!! I just need to save up to buy more yarn in other colors! And then some white or black ribbon to go with them! (definitely sticking to just white and black. It'll contrast better than using other colors.)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Amber's baby blanket

Super simple square baby blanket that I made for my friend who's expecting a baby in early May. I really hope she enjoys this and that it matches the room decor! :3


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[Etsy-COM001] KatLizard33

Custom Made-To-Order Monstah Monster Hat.

Ordered by: KatLizard33

design and handmade by me

Mint Chocolate Chip Mini Purse

I only had enough brown yarn left over to make a smallish purse and I don’t particularly like using it all up and then buying a new skein of yarn just to finish a project when I don’t normally use the brand of yarn that I used for the brown.

Was babysitting for a lil bit and finished up this cute mini-purse. It was going to be a clutch, but I… kinda underestimated my crochet skills and came up with this small purse. I think it’s super cute for young girls. The 7yr old who watched me make this couldn’t stop gleeing over how it reminded her of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Thus the name of this mini-purse. The buttons, I got from an old shirt that I had worn to pieces and were unfortunately the last two buttons I had in white. I loooove those kind of buttons too and hope to find more plain boring solid-colored basic craft buttons like these somewhere online. (But they only sell the giant ones for kids for crafting. They don’t have smaller ones that aren’t TOO SMALL.)

I’m thinking of selling this, but I’m unsure if anyone would want this. Especially since I haven’t gotten it lined yet nor have I decided on whether to make a green/white flap with button closures or sew a zipper closure.

Forgive me for my hands, it’s there for size-reference. >u>;;

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Here it is on Ravelry:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hooking for a Cure

I will be opening up a folder in my etsy account for everything charity-wise. If you do not know what I mean by this, here's the scoop.

My best friend suffers from Lupus, and she also dabbles a lil in knitting and crochet. We both came up with the idea of selling goods where all you pretty much pay for are the materials we use for any of the Ready-To-Ship products and donation towards the charity of your choice. NONE of the products on the list is for profit. We enjoy using our labor to help for a cure, while you donate to it as well as just pay for the materials for the making of your item.

If you think this is a fail idea, please let us know! We're not afraid of suggestions and ideas.