Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm going to give him crabs... >8)


Made these while I was at work. xD I thought they'd be kinda funny to give to my bf and be all "Hey, hun? I'm sorry, but I've got crabs. ;___;"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Order Forms

::Scarf Details::

Name: (this will be the name I'll use to mail to)


Paypal: (so I know where the money's coming from)

Color(s) desired:

Type: (wide striped/thin striped/solid)

Length/Width desired: (please note that if you'd like it longer than 5.5 feet and wider than 5 inches, there's an additional charge for extra materials.)

Detail(s): (Please be as specific as possible. Reference images work best but are not necessary.)

Deadline: (leave blank if no deadline)


::Poring Details::

Name: (this will be the name I'll use to mail to)


Paypal: (so I know where the money's coming from)

Size desired:

Type: (striped/solid)

Color(s) desired:

Deadline: (leave blank if no deadline)


Just some order forms that you guys can fill out and email to me. Please bear with me as I gather all the forms onto one page. This will be updated as often as I can get to it.

My email is:

Please label your emails so I know it is not junk mail.

Also, please refer to this link for the colors I use:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

[Prototype] Miniature Top Hats

Made a couple prototypes so I can test various stiffening methods. If it works out well, then I can start selling them on Etsy! :D So expect these uber cute mini top hats being sold!! I just need to save up to buy more yarn in other colors! And then some white or black ribbon to go with them! (definitely sticking to just white and black. It'll contrast better than using other colors.)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Amber's baby blanket

Super simple square baby blanket that I made for my friend who's expecting a baby in early May. I really hope she enjoys this and that it matches the room decor! :3


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[Etsy-COM001] KatLizard33

Custom Made-To-Order Monstah Monster Hat.

Ordered by: KatLizard33

design and handmade by me

Mint Chocolate Chip Mini Purse

I only had enough brown yarn left over to make a smallish purse and I don’t particularly like using it all up and then buying a new skein of yarn just to finish a project when I don’t normally use the brand of yarn that I used for the brown.

Was babysitting for a lil bit and finished up this cute mini-purse. It was going to be a clutch, but I… kinda underestimated my crochet skills and came up with this small purse. I think it’s super cute for young girls. The 7yr old who watched me make this couldn’t stop gleeing over how it reminded her of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Thus the name of this mini-purse. The buttons, I got from an old shirt that I had worn to pieces and were unfortunately the last two buttons I had in white. I loooove those kind of buttons too and hope to find more plain boring solid-colored basic craft buttons like these somewhere online. (But they only sell the giant ones for kids for crafting. They don’t have smaller ones that aren’t TOO SMALL.)

I’m thinking of selling this, but I’m unsure if anyone would want this. Especially since I haven’t gotten it lined yet nor have I decided on whether to make a green/white flap with button closures or sew a zipper closure.

Forgive me for my hands, it’s there for size-reference. >u>;;

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Here it is on Ravelry:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hooking for a Cure

I will be opening up a folder in my etsy account for everything charity-wise. If you do not know what I mean by this, here's the scoop.

My best friend suffers from Lupus, and she also dabbles a lil in knitting and crochet. We both came up with the idea of selling goods where all you pretty much pay for are the materials we use for any of the Ready-To-Ship products and donation towards the charity of your choice. NONE of the products on the list is for profit. We enjoy using our labor to help for a cure, while you donate to it as well as just pay for the materials for the making of your item.

If you think this is a fail idea, please let us know! We're not afraid of suggestions and ideas.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Super Super Busy Busy

Sorry about the lack of updates guys, I've been working alot and there's been some personal family drama that I had to take a hiatus on all my crochet works.

Things are settled now and you should be getting a few updates from me once every two weeks.

For now, I've got nothing except alot of work that I've fallen behind on, especially with college starting back up again for me.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What to expect at AWA this year!!

Hey guys! In case you didn't know, I plan to be sharing a table with a friend of mine. I'll be making and selling plain solid colored Elf Hats, Aminal Hats, and possibly some scarves provided I have enough time to make them. I will also bring in various appliques for the eyes in case anyone wants to put eyes on their hats. I might bring extra yarn as well to make mouths on all the hats, but as of right now, I'm deciding against that. I can make the hats two-toned, multicolored, or just plain solid. But keep in mind that I am only selling solid colored ones at the convention. I currently can not afford the time, money, and effort for multicolored hats.

Below are examples of possible hats that I would be selling and pics of myself modeling them (or it by itself cause it doesn't fit me):




If you guys want to go ahead and order something from me now, you may do so now. I will be taking orders for these up until the end of August. I may or may not accept orders at the convention due to time constraints and possible difficulties of having to mail things AFTER the convention. I will have to write up a contract or a special receipt notice for special orders taken at the con.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

What are h00kmeup 's plans for AWA?!

Well, I've already decided to scrap the idea of selling scarves at AWA. I will be making only the Aminal Hats, the Elf Hats, and the Monstah Monster hats. ALONG with a super secret surprise collection. :3 Some people who know me from FurAffinity might recognize them if they see them, hopefully...

But at AWA, there will definitely be a stock of plain solid colored Elf Hats, solid colored Aminal Hats, as well as maybe a couple Monstah Monster hats provided I can afford to carry them all and fit them on the table. :3

If you're unable to attend Anime Weekend Atlanta but want to buy one from me, just fill out the forms and email it to me! Remember, I accept paypal payments and concealed cash (at your own risk) only online. And concealed cash and written checks IN PERSON.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Business Card Preview

Wooot!! Just need to save up and order my business cards. This is what it should look like on the front:

And on the back:


HOPEFULLY, I can get my printer soon and get these printed out so I can mail these out along with my goods. I'm UBEREXCITED!! <3

Monstah Monster Hat Example


Just a completed example of a Monstah Monster hat for one of my clients. I will edit this post with the client's photo of himself modeling it and showing his gratitude.


Editing with photos of the client modeling the hat! :3



Aminal Hats Teaser


Finished two pieces to go into my portfolio for AWA.

There's a cat-hat and a puppy hat. I understand that it looks kinda like midget bunny ears, but when worn, I'm hoping it'll give the effect of floppy-eared puppies rather than the erect ears.

If you wish to buy the puppy-hat, let me tell you right now. It will fit a SMALL head of no larger than 17.5 inches around. I've measured it with my measuring tape and a ruler and it is roughly 17 inches around. It will stretch a lil but I do not recommend it for those with a head-circumference of 18 inches.

As of right now, I am unsure of the prices, but if you are interested in buying it, please make an offer and I'll see if it will cover for materials and labor.

Woo, lots more to make for AWA. Busy busy me~

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Custom Scarves


Fill out the following form and email it to me at if you are interested:
Length/Width desired: (please note that if you'd like it longer than 5.5 feet and wider than 5 inches, there's an additional charge for extra materials.)
Details: (please let me know exactly how you'd like it. Reference images are appreciated but not required)
Deadline: (leave blank if no deadline)

Monstah Monster Hats and Elf Hats


I will be making these as I get the orders. (I DO NOT SELL PREMADE ONES UNLESS AT CONVENTIONS! And those are solids only.) Meaning there CAN be a wait of up to ONE MONTH depending on how many orders I get at once. If you wish to have it by a certain date, please give me at least 1 month prior to the deadline. I can NOT guarantee the exact arrival date of packages.

Fill out the following form and email it to me at if you are interested:
Head Measurement: (please measure at eye-brow level all the way around)
Length desired: (please note that if you'd like it longer than 3 feet, there's an additional charge for extra materials.)
Deadline: (leave blank if no deadline)

These usually can take about a day up to a week to make because of my time constraints with work, school, and art. Also note that I will be emailing you back with the signature/tracking confirmation number using the email that you used to send the above form.

Thank you for your interest!! If you wish to save yourself the shipping costs, I will be selling solid colored ones at AWA. Mind you, these are ENTIRELY crochet! They're not digital arts or anything. :3


Monday, February 22, 2010

h00kmeup's FIRST POST!!

WOOT! I finally got around to making the first post for h00kmeup!

In case you guys don't know or have just stumbled across here. I'm a crochet fanatic. I love and enjoy making scarves, hats, and blankets. ESPECIALLY SCARVES! <3

And h00kmeup is an etsy shop that I will open soon that will showcase geeky, nerdy, game-themed OR Anime-themed handmade things made by me, Kim Nguyen!

I have always enjoyed crocheting and it really tickles me senseless when I see girls around my age who also love to craft as much as I do! I'm currently learning how to knit again, so I may end up selling some knit stuff too!

Expect a more professional update soon!!