Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monstah Monster Hats and Elf Hats


I will be making these as I get the orders. (I DO NOT SELL PREMADE ONES UNLESS AT CONVENTIONS! And those are solids only.) Meaning there CAN be a wait of up to ONE MONTH depending on how many orders I get at once. If you wish to have it by a certain date, please give me at least 1 month prior to the deadline. I can NOT guarantee the exact arrival date of packages.

Fill out the following form and email it to me at if you are interested:
Head Measurement: (please measure at eye-brow level all the way around)
Length desired: (please note that if you'd like it longer than 3 feet, there's an additional charge for extra materials.)
Deadline: (leave blank if no deadline)

These usually can take about a day up to a week to make because of my time constraints with work, school, and art. Also note that I will be emailing you back with the signature/tracking confirmation number using the email that you used to send the above form.

Thank you for your interest!! If you wish to save yourself the shipping costs, I will be selling solid colored ones at AWA. Mind you, these are ENTIRELY crochet! They're not digital arts or anything. :3


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