Thursday, March 11, 2010

What are h00kmeup 's plans for AWA?!

Well, I've already decided to scrap the idea of selling scarves at AWA. I will be making only the Aminal Hats, the Elf Hats, and the Monstah Monster hats. ALONG with a super secret surprise collection. :3 Some people who know me from FurAffinity might recognize them if they see them, hopefully...

But at AWA, there will definitely be a stock of plain solid colored Elf Hats, solid colored Aminal Hats, as well as maybe a couple Monstah Monster hats provided I can afford to carry them all and fit them on the table. :3

If you're unable to attend Anime Weekend Atlanta but want to buy one from me, just fill out the forms and email it to me! Remember, I accept paypal payments and concealed cash (at your own risk) only online. And concealed cash and written checks IN PERSON.


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