Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What to expect at AWA this year!!

Hey guys! In case you didn't know, I plan to be sharing a table with a friend of mine. I'll be making and selling plain solid colored Elf Hats, Aminal Hats, and possibly some scarves provided I have enough time to make them. I will also bring in various appliques for the eyes in case anyone wants to put eyes on their hats. I might bring extra yarn as well to make mouths on all the hats, but as of right now, I'm deciding against that. I can make the hats two-toned, multicolored, or just plain solid. But keep in mind that I am only selling solid colored ones at the convention. I currently can not afford the time, money, and effort for multicolored hats.

Below are examples of possible hats that I would be selling and pics of myself modeling them (or it by itself cause it doesn't fit me):




If you guys want to go ahead and order something from me now, you may do so now. I will be taking orders for these up until the end of August. I may or may not accept orders at the convention due to time constraints and possible difficulties of having to mail things AFTER the convention. I will have to write up a contract or a special receipt notice for special orders taken at the con.


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