Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mint Chocolate Chip Mini Purse

I only had enough brown yarn left over to make a smallish purse and I don’t particularly like using it all up and then buying a new skein of yarn just to finish a project when I don’t normally use the brand of yarn that I used for the brown.

Was babysitting for a lil bit and finished up this cute mini-purse. It was going to be a clutch, but I… kinda underestimated my crochet skills and came up with this small purse. I think it’s super cute for young girls. The 7yr old who watched me make this couldn’t stop gleeing over how it reminded her of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Thus the name of this mini-purse. The buttons, I got from an old shirt that I had worn to pieces and were unfortunately the last two buttons I had in white. I loooove those kind of buttons too and hope to find more plain boring solid-colored basic craft buttons like these somewhere online. (But they only sell the giant ones for kids for crafting. They don’t have smaller ones that aren’t TOO SMALL.)

I’m thinking of selling this, but I’m unsure if anyone would want this. Especially since I haven’t gotten it lined yet nor have I decided on whether to make a green/white flap with button closures or sew a zipper closure.

Forgive me for my hands, it’s there for size-reference. >u>;;

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Here it is on Ravelry:

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